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Photo of the Day: Yes, Another Jeep

107- Back to Back Jeeps

I was asked by a mom “How much do you like your Jeep? My 16 year old daughter really wants one.” Naturally, I told her how great I feel this vehicle truly is.

I told her how it’s “lifted on big tires” (2.5″ lift and 35″ Toyos) and still handles great at 85 mph on the highway. I told her how her daughter will never have to worry about being stuck in the winter, and how fun it is in the summer. I told her how well it holds it’s value and how customizable it is.

Long conversation short, I think I sold her. And resold myself.

The two downsides I always reflect on with this vehicle:

1. It is slow
2. Wranglers are everywhere. And I mean EVERY. WHERE. And I like to stand out.

Through our conversation, I realized how even though a few weeks ago I was driving down the road with 3 other black JKUs around me… and every morning on my fifteen minute drive to work I see at least 6-7 Wranglers, I still love it. It dawned on me that there’s a reason why these vehicles are so popular. Sure, it gets bad gas mileage, I could be driving a brand new BMW 4 series for what I paid, and it is lacking in some features. But, it is so much fun.

Getting from point A to point B is not all it is, it makes the journey feel like an adventure (as cheesy as that sounds.) Whether 1 or 1,000 miles, it is enjoyable day in and day out. Find me another vehicle that is better for both a snow storm and a sunny summer day?

107- Back to Back Jeeps

(Disclaimer: This is the author’s Jeep.)

Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.