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Ford SYNC 3

2016 Ford’s with SYNC 3 upgradable to Android Auto and Apple Car Play

When Ford rolled out SYNC 3 in many of their 2016 vehicles, they promised that the systems would be upgradable easily. One key feature missing was support for Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Today, they’ve announced an update that adds that functionality.

The software update is available a variety of different ways. Of course, you can take your car to a dealership and have them run the update, but there’s always a chance they’ll charge you for it. We recommend one of the other upgrade methods.

Ford SYNC 3

The easiest option is to connect your SYNC 3’s wifi to your home router and allow it to update over-the-air. This is the first time Ford has offered an over-the-air update like this, and will be how they do it in the future. You can also download the software to a USB drive and run the update that way.

To enable automatic system updates over-the-air, Ford has a guide on how to do it here. If you want to update via USB, or want more information on the update, visit owner.ford.com.

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