2017 Ford F-150 Lariat Sport review


The Ford F-150. North America’s best selling vehicle for what seems like eternity now. Decades in reality. In 2014, Ford upset the truck world by suggesting that they use something other than steel. They continue their trend bucking by refreshing their F-150. New for 2017, just ahead of the actual design refresh in 2018, comes an engine update, and a brand new 10 speed transmission. Years in development in house, in tandem with General Motors, this is a lot of gears for a truck.

All of these changes, as with the aluminum body panels, are results of Ford chasing more elusive MPG from their truck line-up. Considering the staggering number of these trucks Ford sells, and how much money they make, any change must stand up well. With a new drivetrain, is the 2017 Ford F-150 still king of trucks?

Dan Croutch
the authorDan Croutch
Dan is a freelance automotive and technology writer. He enjoys all things pickup trucks, classic cars, and minivans (really). The intersection of vehicles and technology fascinate him.