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2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Loses 232 Pounds of Weight, Gains a Few Back


Based on one of the endless teaser videos Dodge is releasing in advance of the launch of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, we learned that the new car weighs some 200 pounds less than a Challenger Hellcat. Today some journalists learned how much weight was saved, and the overall weight reduction.

Our friend Joel over at Motor Authority reports that through a lightweighting process, the Demon loses 232 pounds of weight. The car has a manual tilt and telescoping steering wheel to save 4 pounds. The parking sensors are removed to save 2 pounds. The 18×11 aluminum wheels with open lug nuts saves 16 pounds. Various NVH components (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) were removed saving 18 pounds.

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Some 19 pounds was saved by using a smaller-diameter and hollow sway bar. The car has smaller 2-piece, 4-piston Brembos saving 16 pounds.

All speakers are removed — except the front door speakers — to save 24 pounds. Every seat is removed, so the front passenger seat saves 58 pounds and the rear seats save 55 pounds. Finally, 20 pounds is saved by removing the spare wheel and trunk lining.

For those with calculators, that means the car saved 232 pounds. But according to Dodge, the Demon is exactly 215 pounds lighter than the SRT Hellcat. That means there are some beefier and heavier components used over the Hellcat, but we aren’t sure what they are yet.

The next teaser video drops this Thursday!


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