2018 Toyota Camry XLE V6 review


When you hear the words “Toyota Camry”, there is a certain image that comes to mind. It’s usually beige, or white, or something plain. Because the mid-sized car segment is currently the worst performing one, making radical changes any mid-sized car is bold. Not to mention the current segment leader. Or one made by Toyota. But, gone is everything we know about the Toyota Camry, and here is a car that is truly top of the class. For 2018, Toyota threw out the Camry playbook. Equipped with a V6, they’ve given us something that, no joke, stacks up beside the BMW 328 and 330i; and bests them.

Toyota’s biggest weakness, in an automotive world quickly becoming digital, is their infotainment system. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are ominously missing. Still, it’s an adequate system complemented with an optional and improved Gracenote/JBL audio system.

Dan Croutch
the authorDan Croutch
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