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Each Demon Crate is personalized for its owner with a serialized

Does Dodge Customization Plate Hint to Horsepower?

The folks at Dodge like to put little hints into nearly everything they do. If you remember, when they revealed the Hellcat, all the radio stations in the cars were tuned to “70s on 7” in the press photos. This was different than the other cars they used. Why? Because it was their subtle hint that the car made 707 horsepower.

The rollout of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is no different. Last week we saw a license plate that didn’t make any sense, though it did set the internet on fire with people trying to figure it out. When we asked Dodge directly — we were with them that day on a launch program — their representative simply said, “If you know, you know.”

This week, accompanying the ‘Crate’ video is a press image showing the customizable plate that comes with the Demon personalized to the person who bought the car. Along with the customer’s name, the serial number is “0757.” Since Dodge doesn’t do anything on accident, we believe it could be a hint to the horsepower rating of the car. We know that the Hellcat’s supercharged HEMI can make more than 707 horsepower easily, so it wouldn’t take much work to bump it to 757 horsepower.

Until we hear otherwise, 757 horsepower is the number we’re going with.

Now, about that “001121” number?

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