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Alfa Romeo Spends Big on Super Bowl Advertisements

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Alfa Romeo, a company that millennials are unfamiliar with unless they care about cars, spent a huge amount of cash for three separate spots during the Super Bowl. They even sponsored the halftime commentary — not the Lady Gaga bit sponsored by Pepsi — to add to their overall bill. But, for a new company to a lot of viewers, the investment makes sense.

As children, we dream. We have imaginations. We believe that we can do anything. It’s certainly an accurate premise for the ‘Riding Dragons’ spot that aired first. It also plays homage to the history of Alfa Romeo, talking about how balance is needed to accompany power. While ultimately it was a Giulia Quadrifoglio spot, it only featured the car briefly at the end. It was much more about the story leading in to the new car.

‘Dear Predictable’ takes a subtle — perhaps too subtle — at the German sedan competition. The spot focuses on imagery and sound to ignite your emotions. Plus, there’s plenty of 2.9L turbocharged V6 — straight from Ferrari — noise to keep everyone engaged.

Finally, we get a lesson in Italian. ‘Mozzafiato’ means to “take one’s breath away.” Does the Alfa Romeo Giulia take yours away? If so, apparently it’ll also give it back.

These commercials fall in line with adverts we’ve seen from Alfa Romeo in the past. The Italian-ness cannot be denied. Plus, they show off a pretty epic sports sedan. Will it be enough to drive people into showrooms? We’ll have to wait and see.

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