Android-based Infotainment Supplied by Parrot to European Commercial Customers


Infotainment systems in many vehicles are powered by a variation of QNX or Microsoft Car. While OEMs work on new systems, Parrot is working on an Android-based system. Android is an open-source platform that many phones run on, and the versatility makes sense for the infotainment systems themselves. Here’s the latest from Parrot supplying a luxury commercial vehicle partner in Europe.

Parrot Automotive supplies premium European commercial vehicle maker with Android-based infotainment system

PARIS, December 2016 – Parrot Automotive, a leader in infotainment and connectivity solutions, is proud to announce that its New Infotainment System 7100 (or NIS 7100) has been selected by a premium European semi-trailer truck maker. In late 2016, NIS 7100-equipped semis will be available for purchase for the European, Russian, Asian, Latin American and Oceanian markets.

The NIS 7100 is an Android-based Head Unit made up of a 1-DIN silver box and a 7-inch capacitive multi touch display embedded into the dashboard. It provides truck drivers with all the infotainment features needed to make long-haul driving a more connected and comfortable journey. 

The NIS 7100 includes all the staple features one has come to expect from a modern infotainment platform: telephony, messaging, worldwide radio, media player, vehicle information via CAN, as well as USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and line in connectivity. The NIS 7100 goes even further: thanks to the Android framework, users can access multiple apps. Connecting the NIS 7100 to the Internet also enables users to listen to music on demand (Deezer, TuneIn, etc.), get weather reports, check maps or browse the Web.

Parrot Automotive enhances this app ecosystem with its well-known suite of automotive libraries for multimedia and connectivity: voice recognition, Text-to-Speech, dictation, video and speech processing. To prevent distracted driving, most NIS 7100 features can be activated through voice recognition (e.g. voice-destination entry).

Besides, the NIS 7100 embeds a fully-featured truck-specific navigation system (complete with 3D nav, Point of Interest search, etc.) from TomTom: in a matter of seconds, drivers get the route that’s best for their truck’s size, weight and cargo. It also features “dead reckoning”: navigation is constantly accurate, even if the satellite signal is lost, like in tunnels. This new head unit can also manage rear view and side cameras, facilitating the delicate maneuvers truck drivers have to perform every day.

“The NIS 7100 is the 4th generation of our Android infotainment platforms and includes Parrot automotive libraries. We are proud to bring this advanced and open infotainment system to the highly competitive premium automotive market. The NIS 7100 will also be deployed in 2017 for other OEMs”, says Éric Riyahi, Executive Vice President at Parrot Automotive.


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