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Aston Martin renders concept vacuum cleaner

Aston-Martin-VacuumPhoto Credit: Aston Martin

Yesterday it was announced that Dyson would be building an electric car by the year 2020. While that might be a pie-in-the-sky dream considering how difficult it is to actually make a car, it didn’t stop the internet from making light of the news in typical internet fashion.

Over on Twitter, Aston Martin CEO and President Andy Palmer debuted a rendering that made us laugh. In celebrating Dyson’s entering the car world, Palmer congratulated the company and then said they’d be branching out into vacuums.

It’s clearly a 12-cylinder vacuum cleaner, because we can see the 6 on the camera side, and there’s probably another 6 on the other side making the V formation.

Despite Aston Martin clearly just trying to make a good-natured joke, we actually quite like this render. Whoever on their creative team threw this together gets a pat on the back because this is a product we’d consider buying.

Would you buy the Aston Martin vacuum cleaner?

Chad Kirchner
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