Attention internet: This Jeep bad parking revenge video is FAKE

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Just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s real. In a world where we question all of our news sources, we’re surprised that this video of a couple of Jeeps getting revenge for a bad parking job hasn’t received more scrutiny. But we’re here to tell you it’s very, very fake.

Here’s the video we’re referring to;

Surely we’ve all thought about doing something like this to the local douchebag who doesn’t know how to park. But if you watch the video closely, it’s obvious that it’s a fake. Let’s first take a look at the driver of the Mercedes.


Nice track suite. But while we could question what this person wears out in public to go to Best Buy, it’s also an easily-identifiable article of clothing that appears much earlier in the video.


Twenty-four seconds into the video we see the Jeeps getting into position. We also see the exact same person, wearing the same track suit with the hood up, sitting on the curb watching the Jeeps move into position.


While it’s a fun video to watch, like Alex Jones of Infowars, it’s just performance art and not real.

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