Audi goes Plus with their R8 V10 convertible

Audi R8 Spyder V10 plus

Not that this should surprise anyone, but Audi today announced their R8 V10 Plus convertible. Like with the previous-generation of R8, there’s a tame version and a higher-horsepower monster available from the four ringed company.

The new R8 V10 Plus convertible doesn’t appear to disappoint, making 610 horsepower and being the fastest convertible Audi ever produced. It’s basically the coupe, with the roof replaced with a 97 pound fabric power soft top.

The press photos feature Audi’s micrommata green design package, which delivers the green exterior, black exterior bits, and a black interior with green stitching. It looks great in these photos, and we’re anxious to see it in person.

One other thing to note: it appears that this version of the V10 Plus doesn’t have a big fixed wing on the rear like the coupe. That gives the convertible a sleeker design and we consider it an improvement over the fixed rear wing in the last-generation convertible V10 Plus.

Those living in Germany can place their orders now for a late summer delivery.

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