Audi TT Review

The Audi TT is now in its third generation and continues to get better and better as it ages. Once derided as a hairdresser’s car, the newest TT is a legitimate sports car with all-season capability. It’s also a platform of all of Audi’s latest technology.

When talking about sports cars, performance comes first. There are two versions of the car, the base TT and the TTS. Both cars are built on the sample platform that the Volkswagen Golf is, and it uses the same engines, but that’s where the similarities end.

Each version has a 2.0L turbocharged engine powering it, with the one in the TTS making nearly 300hp. On a sports car this light, that’s plenty of power to get up and move. Power is sent to either the front wheels, or through an all-wheel drive system, to the road through a 6-speed, dual-clutch, fast-shifting, automatic transmission.

The all-wheel drive system adds a bit of weight, but it’s the option I’d definitely go with. When the road gets difficult, you have the added confidence that you’ll stay out of the hedges, and in the winter it’s a must.

The convertible version has no back seats, whereas the coupe is a 2+2 configuration with seats in the back. I like convertibles, so it’s what I’d go with, but the coupe is still a fantastic drive and has a bit extra space with that back seat.

The TT is also available with Audi’s new Virtual Cockpit MMI interface. This infotainment system forgoes the traditional screen in the center stack and moves everything to the instrument binnacle. Everything you need is now within eyesight of the driver, but does take away from what your passenger can look at while driving.

A fun little German sports car that’s fuel efficient, all-weather capable, and has the latest technology? That’s a big appeal to me!

Chad Kirchner
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