Audi’s Super Bowl Commercial is Why You Don’t Read the Comments

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We’re approaching another Super Bowl here in the United States. While the Europeans laugh at us when we call it football, one of the biggest sporting events of the year is also one of the biggest for advertising. In the past we’ve seen a wide variety of commercials — both automotive and not. This year, Audi has one that has people upset. It’s about, of all things, equal pay. It reminds us why you should never, ever read the comments.

Give it a watch below;

Audi is using the biggest television commercial event of the year to make a statement that they support equal pay for equal work. It shouldn’t really be considered that bold of an idea, but if you venture into the comments section you’ll find some of the most hate-filled speech you’ll ever read.

Our favorite comments are always the ones that say “I’ll never come back here again.” Or in the case of the Audi commercial, “I’ll never buy an Audi.” Please. You’ll have to move out of your mother’s basement and get a real job to be able to afford any car, let alone the Audi S5 featured in this commercial.

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