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Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

Photo of the Day: Datsun Scarab


Take a peak at this 1972 Datsun Scarab. “Scarab” is the Egyptian meaning for longevity and rebirth, which is what the this conversion was to the 240z. A fresh look, and one to be remembered. This sighting was at the Cars and Coffee in Arcola, VA. If you’re a fan, …

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Photo of the Day: #WEKFEST


A couple weekends ago WEKFEST was held in New Jersey. With their events being held in locations like Japan, Honolulu, and Long Beach… NJ seems a bit out of place. That didn’t stop it from being an amazing event with great vendors, unique builds, and tons of passion. Their annual …

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Photo of the Day: Low Po-Po

102- Low Po-Po

It would be a sight to see if all the cops rolled around in this style. Coolest auctioned off Crown Vic I’ve ever seen. Mainly because all the ones I have previously seen were 1. beat 2. beat or 3. beat, so the competition is rather slim. Either way, I …

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Photo of the Day: Challenger Shakedown

99- Challenger Shakedown

What. A. Work of art. Pictured is a 1971 Challenger body coupled with 2017 Challenger Shaker parts. As you can see by looking at some of the body lines, the exterior has some upgrades as well as the shaker hood, shaved door handles, touched up the lower front fascia, modern …

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Photo of the Day: 70-mile Cruise Day


What better way to spend your Fourth of July, than with your car club, cruising the roads of Cali? No matter what make you prefer, these guys support it, come together, and tear up some roads! To quote my co-worker, who saw the picture up on my screen “That looks …

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