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Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

Photo of the Day: 70-mile Cruise Day


What better way to spend your Fourth of July, than with your car club, cruising the roads of Cali? No matter what make you prefer, these guys support it, come together, and tear up some roads! To quote my co-worker, who saw the picture up on my screen “That looks …

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Photo of the Day: Cruisin’ in

92- Car Cruise Weekend

Many car shows took place the last couple days, with many being dedicated to all of the dads out there! In Central PA, a hotrod/ratrod cruise was held, which I don’t hear of too often. These builds always intrigue me. A beautiful blend of classic and rebellion in my eyes.

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Photo of the Day: The Buddy System

91- The Buddy System

Fridays are for the boys! Or is that Saturdays?  The G37 and IS350 pictured are doing it right. There is nothing better than car friends. Finding someone who shares your passion, enjoys cruising all night aimlessly, and can help you in the garage is priceless.  Happy Friday, all!  Owner: Gerald …

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Photo of the Day: #WayBackWednesday

90- #WayBackWednesday

Let’s throw it back to the swingin’ 60’s with this 1963 Imperial Crown 4 door out of Long Island, NY. Being Chrysler‘s luxury automobile, this beaut had a two-decade long run in production, selling greatly. Took a break, produce between 1980-1983, and still sold 12,000+. At modern day car shows, …

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