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Ram Trucks, stylized as RAM (formally known as the Ram Truck Division) is a United States-based brand of light to mid-weight commercial vehicles established in 2009 as a division of FCA US LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It was spun-off from Dodge marque, using the name of the popular Dodge Ram line of trucks. Ram Trucks’ logo was originally Dodge’s logo.

FCA Now Facing Criminal Investigation in EcoDiesel Cheat


Diesel is turning into a nightmare for FCA. The US Department of Justice has opened criminal investigations into the allegations that Fiat Chrysler Automotive cheated emissions tests. As earlier reported, the EcoDiesel engines apparently contain eight separate software controls that FCA failed to inform the EPA about before certification. According …

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EPA Serves FCA Notice for Cheat Software in Diesels


Another diesel titan has found itself in the EPA’s bad books. The Environmental Protection Agency has served a notice to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles advising them that their diesels are in violation. As it’s only a notice, this doesn’t affect sales of FCA vehicles equipped with their EcoDiesel engines. EPA claims …

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The Star Wars Episode

Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition

We’re all about Star Wars this week in honor of the theatrical release of *Rogue One: A Star Wars Story*! First, we’ll talk to Nissan’s Jeremy Meadows, Senior Manager of Marketing Strategy and Partnership Program Manager for *Rogue One: A Star Wars Story* about the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One …

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