Scion was a marque of Toyota started in 2003 designed as an extension of its efforts to appeal towards younger customers. The Scion brand primarily featured sports compact vehicles (primarily badge engineered from Toyota’s international models), a simplified “pure price” model, and eschewed trim levels in favor of offering a single trim for each vehicle with a range of factory and aftermarket options for buyers to choose from to personalize their vehicle. The Scion name, meaning the descendant of a family or heir, refers both to the brand’s cars and their owners.[2] The brand first soft launched in the United States at selected Toyota dealers in the state of California in June 2003, before expanding nationwide by February 2004. In 2010, Scion expanded into Canada. In an effort to target the generation Y demographic, Scion primarily relied on guerrilla and viral marketing techniques.

Scion Mini Truck 1
Photo of the DayScion

Photo of the Day: Mini Truckin’ in a Scion

Have a little extra cash? Some people take a little trip, treat themselves to a new wardrobe, may even just stash it away in a savings account. Then, some dig out those unique ideas they've had and turn them into...

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Scion iQ Review

Scion is the maker of funky little cars designed to appeal to a younger generation. Since they first started, they’ve released a slew of different vehicles, including an awesome rear-wheel drive sports car. But what if you live in the...

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