Buick Verano Review

Are you looking for a small luxury sedan, but don’t want to pay luxury sedan prices to get into one? That’s the premise behind the Buick Verano, a luxury car with all the amenities, but passing on the luxury car price.

With seating for 5, the Verano is capable of hauling you and your family around in reasonable comfort. While Buick has long been the brand name of the cars your grandparents drive, the Verano is trying to change that to offer young professionals and families an alternative to Japanese and German luxury entry-level sedans.

The Verano has loads of available features that you’d expect on a luxury car, including available multi-zone climate control, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, and app support for programs like Pandora. Also, SiriusXM is on board with HD Radio.

Like all new GM vehicles, the Verano comes with the safety and security of OnStar. This service will phone first responders in the event of an accident and be able to provide them with an exact location. These precious minutes saved could save your life in a crash. The service also offers assisted directions, concierge services, and more.

New with OnStar is support for 4G LTE wifi. The Verano is now a internet-connected wifi hotspot with high-speed connectivity. That means that you and your family can connect to the internet with a tablet, laptop, or other device and stream the latest Netflix movie or read email.

The only downside to the 4G LTE streaming is that the data is not unlimited. Like on your cell phone, you have a cap with how much data you can use, and if you go over that cap you’ll have to pay extra. This might not be a big deal if you’re just checking your email, but if you have kids streaming Netflix in the back, you’ll chew through the data pretty quickly.

Like with most Buicks, when you buy the Verano you are buying a safe car. Tons of crash technology come standard, including loads of airbags, to keep you and your occupants safe in a collision.

If you combine all of that with decent looks, decent fuel economy, and a great price, and you have yourself a luxury car winner and something you might want to consider for your next automobile purchase!

Chad Kirchner
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