Cadillac SRX Review

Cadillac is trying very hard to appeal to a younger generation so that they can continue growing sales and expanding into new markets. One of those vehicles to help with that process is the Cadillac SRX crossover. What sets this premium crossover SUV apart from the pack?

The SRX is a midsize crossover targeting younger families with a bit of income. It’s designed to be sleek, stylish, and functional. It carries Cadillac’s latest design language, with sharp edges across the exterior, and adds some chrome accents to offset the colors of the vehicle.

Inside, this is a 5 passenger crossover with a decent-sized rear storage space. General Motors as a whole utilizes space pretty well in their vehicles, and even though this SUV isn’t Escalade size, it’ll still carry quite a bit. If there’s anything that lets this SUV down, it’s that the pointed designs and shape do limit the overall amount of space there is.

As with any Cadillac, the point is luxury transportation. You can get it with heated and cooled seats, multi-zone climate control, rear seat entertainment, Bluetooth, and more. Cadillac uses CUE as their infotainment system, which uses touch sensitive controls mixed with some physical buttons to control all of the vehicle functions.

Also, the Cadillac SRX comes with OnStar, and supports OnStar’s 4G LTE hot spot functionality. Now, the SRX becomes a wireless access point that you can connect phones, tablets, laptop computers, and other wireless devices up to while you’re traveling down the road or at the job site.

The SRX is a safe vehicle, and comes with loads of technologies to help you during a crash, but also to prevent you from having the crash in the first place. Blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic detection help. A rearview camera aids in parking. Adaptive cruise control prevents road rage by pacing the car in front of you if they’re going slower than you have your cruise control set at. Plus, tons of airbags are on tap if you do have a collision.

The SRX, like many crossovers, is available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Fuel economy is on par for a vehicle of this class and size, and you don’t have to drive like an old person to achieve those numbers.

Overall, the SRX is a well-rounded luxury crossover that brings a sense of design and style to a market filled with utilitarian German alternatives.

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