“I can build an AWD Demon Killer for less money myself!” No you can’t


Whenever there’s a new factory performance car from a big manufacturer, like the 2017 Dodge Challenger Demon, keyboard warriors take to the internet to take a massive dump on it, before it even goes on sale. In this case, many think they can build an all-wheel drive car themselves through the aftermarket that’d lay waste to the Demon’s 9.65 second quarter-mile.

News flash: You can’t.

Sad Pikachu

I hate to break it to you, Keyboard Warrior, but you can’t. First off, you can’t live in your parent’s basement working minimum wage at the Krusty Krab¬†and get anywhere near the performance of any quick car, including the Demon.

But what makes the cars like the Demon particularly special is that they’re built reliably. With a warranty. On the entire car. In most cases, your do-it-yourself aftermarket build will only have a warranty for the individual parts you use, and not your final package.


This doesn’t apply to the actual tuners and builders out there that do a fantastic job working on cars. I know several who I’d trust with any car project. But they’re also not the keyboard warriors crapping on a car that they’ll never get to drive.

Though if you, Keyboard Warrior, are still convinced you can do it then build one. Meet me at any drag strip in the country. I’ll bring a Demon. We’ll drag race non-stop, run after run after run, until something breaks.

My money is on your car breaking first. That’s virtually guaranteed.

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