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Carjojo takes annoying dealership negotiations out of the car buying equation

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Have you ever heard about Carjojo? The tech company is becoming a major disruptor in the auto industry, changing the way customers purchase their new vehicle, putting price above dealership relations, saving customers a whopping $4,456 dollars on average.

Here’s how it works. Every day, Carjojo’s patented Edge2Edge Technology surveys the nation’s new car databases, compiling a fresh list of which vehicles they are selling from make to model to trim level and even specialty dealer-added packages . Carjojo takes all that data and provides it to consumers via their website,  Consumers then access the site and can research the vehicles they are looking at purchasing and find which dealerships offer the best price.

Like at a dealership, you can walk away from negotiations at any time. Unlike at a dealership, you won’t have the awkward eye contact, shuffling feet, and clammy handshake that can be associated with leaving an offer on the table.

Other internet-based car buying/price-surveying companies, like TrueCar and Edmunds, give potential buyers information about pricing steered by the company’s marketing relationship with the dealer. Dealerships that may be offering a lower price than the company’s partners may not be included in the consumer’s search results. Some may call this misleading on behalf of the companies. They would likely call it a revenue stream.

Carjojo prides itself in being consumer driven. Like the old Fox News slogan, they report and let consumers decide.

Eileen Falkenberg-Hull
Eileen is the writer of the nationally syndicated column Automotive Minute in The Business Journals, which explores the automotive industry focusing on news, reviews, and interviews. She loves finding out about the business strategy, design, and drivability of vehicles. Eileen is a contributor to U.S. News & World Report Best Cars.

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