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Challenger Demon’s Tires Provide the Ultimate in Grip and Torque

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Debuting at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, the Dodge Challenger Demon is going to be the fastest Dodge — in a straight line — ever built and completely dominate at the drag strip. That’s completely the point of this track-focused special, and to improve over the already quick Hellcat, Dodge needs special tires to increase grip.

The Nitto drag tires help there, but other enhancements help with forward momentum. Compared to the SRT Hellcat, which is already pretty quick, the Demon is measurably better in these ways;

  • Approximately 15 percent larger tire contact patch
  • More than twice as much grip
  • Approximately 18 percent increase in converter torque multiplication
  • Approximately 18 percent increase in rear axle torque multiplication

Based just on these known changes, the car has 35% more launch force than the Challenger Hellcat. This is going to be a monster!

Stayed tuned for more updates as we get closer to the debut in New York, and be sure to check out our page that has everything we know about the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon!

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Written by Chad Kirchner

Chad Kirchner is the Editor-in-Chief of Future Motoring, along with the main host and producer of the Future Motoring podcast. In addition to his work here, he's a freelance automotive journalist for outlets around the world.

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