Well Hello There, Challenger SRT Demon!


Ever since Dodge announced that they’re making a SRT Demon that was going to be even more bonkers than the Hellcat, we’ve been dying to know more about it. Based on what we see on the internet, so are all of you. Dodge began a long tease that will eventually culminate to a reveal at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, but we might already have a good idea what it looks like.

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This is going to be fun! #Demon photo by @dtownmuscle

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A series of Instagram photos shared by @illegal_machine shows what appears to be a SRT Demon front end completely uncovered. We see the wider fender flares, meaning this car is going widebody. Also, the big hood scoop looks like it’s needed to keep everything cool.

The wheels themselves look like the 5Deep wheels that now come on the 2017 Hellcats, but that rubber attached to them is barely street legal. That should, in theory, help with traction. Though all-wheel drive would help with traction a lot more.

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Today is a big SRT Demon news and speculation day, so stay tuned for more information! What do you think? Is this the car?

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