Chevrolet Spark Review

The Spark is the tiniest car on sale from Chevrolet, but that doesn’t mean it’s a car without features or performance. Even though small cars typically have small features, the Spark is packed full of things that make it quite desirable, and it’s one of the safest cars in the small car segment. What’s not to love?

If you buy a Spark expecting it to have a bunch of horsepower, you’ll be sorely disappointed. But if you are buying this car for power, you have it all wrong. This is a little city runabout that is easy to drive, easy to see out of, and easy to park. It even has a funky design that a lot of city cars have these days.

Fuel economy is great, easily getting in the mid-to-high 30s without any trouble. The fuel tank is also small, so you really won’t be spending much at the gas station.

OnStar comes standard on this little car, and that means so does OnStar’s 4GLTE support. This little car can become a big hotspot so you and your passengers can connect to more reliable wifi anywhere on the road.

You can also get the car with a 7” Chevrolet MyLInk infotainment screen. This screen can be connected to a mobile phone app to enable satellite navigation. The system also supports Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music playback, and if you have an iPhone it also supports Siri Eyes Free technology.

Siri Eyes Free lets you interact with Siri on your phone without having to press a single button on your phone. In fact, the phone screen stays completely dark so that it’s not distracting. Having the power of Siri on-board means the built-in infotainment system doesn’t have to do a lot of the legwork.

Overall, the Spark is a nice car to drive, as long as you know it’s not going to be fast. Space is decent on this small hatchback, but the rear seats do fold in a wonky way that doesn’t maximize the space possibilities. Regardless, for the price there’s not much that competes with it in terms of safety, technology, or practicality.

The car even comes in a variety of interesting and bright colors so the buyer can choose one that best suits their personality.

As long as you don’t go in expecting a luxury car, you’ll be truly impressed with how much Chevrolet put into such a small package.

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