Chevrolet tested their ZR2 Colorado where we test trucks!

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When you get an off-road focused pickup truck or Jeep in for review, it makes sense to go to an off-road park with them. It’s the only way to completely understand how these toys compare to each other, and how they are supposed to work when the going gets tough.

So you can imagine our surprise when we saw one of Chevrolet‘s videos on the Colorado ZR2 occurring at our off-road playground. In northern Indiana, Badlands Off-Road Park is a great place to take your utility for some muddy fun.

We have to agree with Chevy on this one; the off-road park there is tight an technical. We’ve been there with everything from Ford’s latest Raptor to Jeep Renegade, and it becomes clear quite quickly how some vehicles are just better at the narrow trails than others.

A Jeep Wrangler, for example, can tackle nearly all the trails. The larger Raptor, however, is limited to the paths it can go down. It’s not limited by its capability, mind you, but rather the overall size of the truck. Nobody wants to be the one who sends a damaged Raptor back to Detroit when the media loan is over.

2017 Ford Raptor Review_30

Since it appears the Colorado ZR2 had some testing work done at our favorite off-road test facility, it means that it should be brilliant when we get a chance to take it there ourselves. We look forward to that opportunity.

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