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Gallery: 2017 Canadian Autoshow Highlights #CIAS2017

Aston Martin RB001 Concept

Media day for the 2016 Canadian Autoshow was held on February 16th. This year is an important one for the show, and for the country, with some historic firsts. 2016 is Canada’s 150th birthday, so show organizers have attempted to add an, albeit mild, Canadiana flavor to things. No, there’s no poutine handed out at the doors (Ed. – But there should be!), but there is a focus on cars with Canadian history. Some manufacturers pointed out how their vehicles have a Canadian connection. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights. A gallery of some of this year’s Canadian debuts is after the jump.


The Automotive Journalists Association of Canada, or AJAC, announced the annual winners for their Canadian new car of the year award, and their Canadian new utility vehicle of the year award. Awards are presented based on votes from all members on any new or significantly changed vehicles for that model year. The 2017 Canadian car of the year was the 2017 Volkswagen Golf Allroad. The 2017 Canadian utility vehicle of the year went to the Subaru Forester.

Aston Martin RB001

Making it’s North American debut, and first autoshow appearance, was the stunning Aston Martin RB001 hypercar concept. CEO Andy Palmer unveiled the concept to media at the beginning of the day. He also took the time to comment on Aston’s position around green motoring, autonomous vehicles and hypercars. He stated that these changes are coming, and that Aston’s model lineup would be changing, too, to include things like semi-autonomous vehicles and full electric. However, he also called for caution in the race to autonomous driving. It’s clear he sees the value in the future of technology in the automobile. Mr. Palmer also promised never to remove the manual gearbox from Aston’s cars.

Hyundai Accent

In a Canadian Autoshow first, Hyundai took the curtain off the new Accent. It is the first global reveal for a model at the Canadian Autoshow. Hyundai packed a lot of technology and efficiency into their popular subcompact. Hyundai Canada CEO Don Romano made the presentation, which was live streamed online across the world.


Take a look at some of the highlights from the 2017 Canadian Autoshow.

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