Cleveland Miata Driver True American Hero

cleveland-snow-miata(Joe Burdick / Twitter)

Not all superheroes wear capes and their underwear on the outside of their pants. Some drive Miatas. But the true American heroes are the Miata drives who drive with the top down everywhere, regardless of the weather. In the case of this Clevelander, that means during a snowstorm!

It’s also safe to assume that this 3rd-generation Miata is also the man’s primary form of transportation. We can make this assumption because there is a luggage rack on the trunk lid. Because the car has a spare tire, trunk space is limited. The boys at Car Talk recently made the luggage rack a recommendation instead of removing the spare tire.

Miata Is Always The Answer

Miatas are great in the summer. Miatas are great in the winter. Always drive with the top down. Just like this hero in Cleveland.

Chad Kirchner
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