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Recall Alert: Death Star Development Corporation Model Year 0 BBY / 3277 LY DS-1 Death Star

Death Star

Death Star Development Corporation is announcing a voluntary safety recall on the 0 BBY / 3277 LY DS-1 Death Star to seal off vulnerability in thermal exhaust port.

Death Star Development Corporation is recalling 1 0 BBY / 3277 LY DS-1 Death Star planetary killer to address a vulnerability in a thermal exhaust port that, when exploited, could result in the fiery explosion and destruction of the vehicle.

Death Star Development Corporation is currently unaware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

The issue came to light when it was discovered that during development, the program’s chief engineer integrated a defect into the vehicle that would cause a chain reaction destroying the vehicle. It was determined that two Rebel proton torpedoes, launched from either a X-Wing or Y-Wing with the appropriate coordinates in a targeting computer could make the one in a million shot.

This is a voluntary recall and affected owners will be notified by mail in the coming weeks. Dealers will repair the affected thermal exhaust ports at no charge to the customer.

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Written by Chad Kirchner

In addition to Chad Kirchner's work here, he's a freelance automotive journalist for outlets around the world.


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