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The high-octane (HO) engine calibration includes an HO fuel butt

Demon Countdown: 100 Octane Race Gas Support

It’s Demon Day! Dodge, for the past 13 weeks, has been releasing teasers about the new car in preparation of the launch at an event in New York City tonight. The last one of those teasers is called Fuel, and it highlights something else not seen on a factory production car.

That’s right, folks. In the Demon Crate there’s a computer that supports 100 octane race gas right out of the box. There’s even a button inside the cockpit to enable the support. Most of the time it’ll run on 91 octane, but will run on the high test if you’re at the track.

Here’s everything Dodge has to say about that feature, and be sure to check back with us later tonight for all of the Demon’s succulent details!

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