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New SRT Demon Video Gives Us More Information on the Hellcat-Slayer

Leading up to the New York Auto Show, Dodge is launching its fir

Is it possible to make a Dodge Challenger more badass than the Hellcat? Dodge surely is going to try. We know that they’re going to show off a Challenger SRT Demon at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, and they just dropped a new teaser video on us today. Dropped being the operative word here, because this video highlights the car’s weight-reduction.

According to Dodge, the new Challenger SRT Demon weighs approximately 200 pounds less than the current SRT Hellcat. While that won’t make the car a super-lightweight, it’ll be a welcome improvement.

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Also, looking at various stills over the video, it doesn’t appear that there is a connection to the front-wheels for all-wheel drive. Could this mean that the SRT Demon will be faster than the Hellcat without adding all-wheel drive? It’s already difficult enough to get traction with the Hellcat.

We shared with you earlier some shots from Instagram about what appears to be the SRT Demon fully-exposed, and it’s wearing some super-sticky tires. Those barely-street legal tires should help with the grip, at least on the racetrack. On a wet road? Probably not.

We can’t wait to see what’s in-store for the new SRT Demon, and we’ll be on-hand in New York to check it out!

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