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Dodge Demon ‘Crate’ Video Highlights Configuration Options

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It’s Thursday, and for fans of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that means another teaser video about the upcoming car. Today’s video shows off less of the car and more of the options that the driver has when he or she purchases the car.

We’ve been told that the Demon is for someone who wants to own the drag strip. However, we also know that while the car comes without a passenger or rear seat, it still has a radio. It leads us to believe that the car could be daily driven.

Now it appears that that is true, and that the owner can set up the car they want to depending on if they’re going to the drag strip or not.

According to Dodge, “The Challenger SRT Demon provides a platform from which each customer can design their own ultimate ‘Street/Strip’ muscle car. It’s not intended for a road course; rather, each customer can decide at the time of order, or once they own the car, or even on a moment’s notice that they want their car to favor street performance, drag strip performance or something in between.”

The Demon Crate holds 18 components that maximize the 2018 Dodge

At the end of the video, you’ll notice the Demon-branded tool chest. For the serious Mopar fan, there’s some nice collectibles in there that also double as real working tools for the Demon. Again from Dodge;

“Eighteen components that maximize the Challenger SRT Demon’s flexibility, exclusivity and future collectability:

  • Direct Connection Demon Performance Parts
  • Demon-branded track tools
  • Matching Demon spare wheels
  • Demon Track Pack System”

Is this car going to be a monster? Yes. The more we keep seeing about it, the more that we believe this will be one of the craziest cars to come out of any factory from any automobile maker as standard.

The slow tease continues next Thursday, and we’re already salivating at what we might learn about the new car!

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