Dodge punishes dealerships who sell Demon over MSRP


In what sounds like a giant “FU” to profiteering dealerships, Dodge today announced their allocation process for the 840-horsepower Challenger Demon. Only 3,000 are going to be built for the United States in the single-year production run, and to prevent dealerships from charging idiotic prices, Dodge is striking where it hurts; delivery times.

Dealerships are allowed to order as many Demons as they are allocated, but for each order the dealership must submit the contract price to Dodge. Vehicles sold at or below MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) will receive a lower build number and the cars will be built sooner. If you’re someone who wants to have the car “right now,” you’re going to have to find a dealership to sell you at MSRP. We love it.

Additionally, before the order can be placed and the vehicle enter production, the customer must sign off on a document that also needs to be notarized and sent to Dodge that address certain safety concerns, technical specifications, and features on the vehicle.

A Dodge Concierge is assigned to each customer, and that concierge is responsible for handling that particular paperwork. Since it has to be notarized, there could be legal ramifications for a dealership who lies on the contract sent to the concierge about how much the customer paid for the vehicle.

Only after all the paperwork is submitted will a build number be assigned.

Orders start tomorrow, June 21st, at your local Dodge dealership. Allocation is based on several factors, including number of Hellcats sold and ratio of SRT products to normal Challenger and Charger vehicles.

Kudos to Dodge for trying to kill expensive markup on what’ll surely be a hot vehicle. Yes, there’ll be people who pay way over sticker to be guaranteed a car, but those people will have to wait until later in the production run, thus having a higher build number, to have their car.

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