Does your car match your personality?


A recent survey of 2,000 vehicle owners made some interesting correlations between the vehicle the respondents currently drive and their personality traits.

Paid for by Gold Eagle, the survey asked people who have owned a car during their lifetime a series of questions using the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform over the course of two weeks in late October and early November 2017.

Nissan Altima drivers win the award for most likely to get a speeding ticket. Respondents who own an Altima were also married, and self-identified as nurturing and traditional. Forty-four percent of Altima owners noted that they purchased the car because of the comfort of its features.

Ford Explorer drivers are also married but 43% of them purchased their Explorer for work purposes rather than hauling around their family. Explorer owners self-identify as doers who, like Altima owners, are traditional.

Honda Civic owners are likely single. Forty-two percent of them purchased the car for work purposes. They self-identify as thinkers but probably won’t be caught joy riding in their Civic anytime soon because they consider themselves to be home bodies.

Honda Accord owners were the most likely to get a parking ticket. They were usually single and 38% bought the car because of the comfort of its features. They self-identify as idealists and, unlike Altima and Explorer owners, consider themselves modern.

Like Honda Civic owners, Toyota Corolla owners are most likely single. Forty percent of them bought the car because of the comfort of its features. They are thinkers and home bodies.

Eileen Falkenberg-Hull
Eileen is the writer of the nationally syndicated column Automotive Minute in The Business Journals, which explores the automotive industry focusing on news, reviews, and interviews. She loves finding out about the business strategy, design, and drivability of vehicles. Eileen is a contributor to U.S. News & World Report Best Cars.