Donald Trump’s Twitter Response to EPA Probe of FCA is… Nonexistent?


Our next President of the United States enjoys using Twitter. The popular social networking service grew into popularity with, of all people, Barack Obama, but now it’s making the most news when Donald Trump gets out his phone and pecks 140 characters. He’s used it as a way to get his message out, and has used it to attack automakers moving production to Mexico.

Just on the whisper of a production move, the President-elect has used the service to express his displeasure. Since the news has been filled with both the Takata airbag ordeal and the investigation of FCA US about diesel emissions, you’d think he’d be after at least one of those companies.

Let’s take a look at the tweets from this morning, when he’s usually online spreading his message;

Okay, he has to be self-congratulatory first. That’s understandable coming from him. Surely the next tweet is about something FCA related? Right?

Oh, now I think we’re talking about Golden Showers again, and his favorite topic, himself.

He did let us know what Congress was up to though, in the middle of the night when most of Americans slept.

Why am I pointing this out? Because President-elect Trump’s Twitter posts are an indication of what he intends on pursuing and not pursuing while in office. Since he’s so combative with the press, he’s using Twitter for his message to get out without being edited or contextualized. It appears that he doesn’t care.

Now, if FCA were moving production of a vehicle out of the country, he’d be irate. This statement pretty much sums up what I believe the President-elect’s policies are going to be.

That’s fine. That’s his agenda and he’s allowed to have it. But for those who think FCA is in a lot of trouble, even if they did cheat — and we don’t know that yet — Trump probably won’t pursue them the way that Volkswagen was pursued.

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