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2018 Jaguar F-Type gets 4-cylinder option at New York auto show

2018 Jaguar F-Type 4-Cylinder_4

It is the humble opinion of this author that the Jaguar F-Type is the most-beautiful car currently on sale in the United States. It’s “bite the back of your hand” beautiful, and it sounds great too. One could even argue that the best sounding, and best performing F-Type is the supercharged V6 S model.

For 2018, Jaguar is making an even smaller engine option. Debuting at this year’s 2017 New York Auto Show, Jaguar announced that they’ll add a turbocharged 4-cylinder making 296 horsepower. It’s a variant of their Ingenium lineup.

While the horsepower is surely plenty for most people, there will be one big difference between that engine and the engines in the rest of the lineup. A turbocharged engine won’t sound the same as a supercharged engine. For those looking for the ultimate in sound from their gorgeous roadster, the V6 supercharged is still probably the least-expensive way to go for maximum sound.

Though the 4-banger should offer improved fuel economy and an lower cost of entry.

The only other really big change for the 2018 model year is the addition of LED headlights that replace the previous-version’s HID offerings.

We’ll reserve judgement for the 4-cylinder until we get a chance to drive it, but if you want to check it out for yourself head on over to the Javits center and give it a peep.

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Written by Chad Kirchner

Chad Kirchner is the Editor-in-Chief of Future Motoring, along with the main host and producer of the Future Motoring podcast. In addition to his work here, he's a freelance automotive journalist for outlets around the world.


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