FCA Now Facing Criminal Investigation in EcoDiesel Cheat


Diesel is turning into a nightmare for FCA.

The US Department of Justice has opened criminal investigations into the allegations that Fiat Chrysler Automotive cheated emissions tests. As earlier reported, the EcoDiesel engines apparently contain eight separate software controls that FCA failed to inform the EPA about before certification. According to earlier reports, the EPA states that FCA has not adequately explained why these controls were not disclosed, and questioned the functionality of some. Now, inside sources have revealed to Bloomberg that the US State Department is investigating FCA on criminal charges relating to the same emissions controls. The same investigations cost Volkswagen nearly $20 billion in their similar scandal.

Both FCA and VW use technology supplied by Robert Bosch GmBH. Bosch itself is still under investigation for its role in the VW scandal. A source in the investigation, speaking anonymously, stated there are far less vehicles covered by their investigation than with VW. FCA has produced just over 100,000 units of Jeep and Ram vehicles equipped with their 3.0L EcoDiesel engine. In a conference call on January 12, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne addressed the EPA allegations directly. He denied any relation between the EcoDiesel and the cheats found in VW’s TDI diesel engines. He went so far as to call the EPA allegations “absolute nonsense”, though admitted he suspected the Justice Department was likely also investigating.

No comment has been made by FCA or the Justice Department in regards to the investigation.

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