Ford Focus Electric Review

If you’re looking for an all-electric vehicle, but don’t want one that breaks the bank or looks like a spaceship, you don’t have many options. The Ford Focus Electric is a completely battery-operated electric-vehicle that looks, and drives, like a normal car. It might just be the right option for you who wants to save money on gasoline without looking like an environmentalist.

It’s uncanny how much the Ford Focus Electric drives like a normal car. Sure, you don’t hear the engine noise or the shifting of the engine, but the rest of the car is just like a normal car. The steering wheel, brakes, gear shift, climate control and stereo all function like they would in a normal car. Just instead of hearing the engine you hear a little whirr from the electric motor.

Range on the Ford Focus Electric is on par with vehicles this size and price, but don’t expect any range over 100 miles. That’s still the problem with these less-expensive electric vehicles. They simply don’t have the range as something like the Tesla Model S does.

That being said, the Focus Electric does support Level 2 charging, and I highly recommend getting one of those chargers installed at your home if you decide to buy one of these vehicles. The Level 2 charging will give you a full charge in around 4 hours. If you use the included 110v normal wall charger, it’ll take nearly 24 hours to charge!

You do lose a decent amount of rear hatch space when you opt for the fully-electric Focus. The batteries have to go somewhere, and that somewhere is under the rear seats and in to the truck. It’s simply unavoidable for a car that was designed to be made from a normal car.

But what you sacrifice in space, you more than make up in performance. Since electric motors make all of their torque from 0, if you put your foot down the Focus Electric accelerates quicker than you’d ever imagine this little electric car could. You’ll have no problems keeping up in traffic or overtaking someone on a two-lane road.

You also get a good amount of kit for your entry price. Standard satellite navigation, HID headlights, dual-zone climate control, and more keep you comfortable. The only real option is the leather seating, which we actually don’t think is that big of a deal.

The Ford Focus Electric offers a great alternative to someone who wants an electric car but doesn’t want to show the world they have one.

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