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Ford Performance debuts all-new Drift Stick electronic handbrake

Ford Performance Drift Stick

Internally called Project Wicked Stick, Ford’s latest innovation is finally ready for public consumption. The Ford Performance Drift Stick, a rally-inspired electronic handbrake was developed and designed specifically for the Focus RS. Here’s what you need to know:

1.)  The Drift Stick works by using Ford’s all-wheel drive system in conjunction with the Focus RS’s anti-lock braking system. The combination allows the car’s rear-drive unit to clutch and apply hydraulic pressure to lock the rear wheels. The result is clutch-free turns.

2.)  You only need five to six pounds of pressure to operate the Drift Stick, whereas traditional hand brakes require much more force.

3.)  Ken Block approves. The rally and stunt driver, who is popularly known for his Gymkhana videos, was consulted and helped steer the Drift Stick to work for everyday drivers who want to get their Focus RS sideways for large-angle drifts.

4.)  The car’s warranty is unaffected by the Drift Stick installation.

5.)  Like the Focus RS’s drift mode, the Drift Stick is intended for track use only, according to Ford. But, you could use it elsewhere. Just saying.

6.)  It will cost North American buyers $999. Each kit includes the Drift Stick lever, mounts and circuit board with professional calibration functionality.

Eileen Falkenberg-Hull
Eileen is the writer of the nationally syndicated column Automotive Minute in The Business Journals, which explores the automotive industry focusing on news, reviews, and interviews. She loves finding out about the business strategy, design, and drivability of vehicles. Eileen is a contributor to U.S. News & World Report Best Cars.