Fully-Electric Crossover Coming from Ford with 300 Mile Range

All-new Ford EcoSport

Ford’s current electric vehicle, the Ford Focus Electric, has a range of around 100 miles. In the world of EVs, that’s simply not enough. Also, people aren’t buying cars anymore.

Ford is aware of all of those things, and that’s why today they announced they’re working on a crossover EV with a range of 300 miles.

During an announcement that covered everything from a hybrid Ford F-150 to cancelling Mexico plant expansion, Ford’s CEO Mark Fields announced that they’re building a crossover with a 300 mile fully-electric range.

Crossovers are all the rage these days. People aren’t buying cars. It makes sense to build an electric car in the body of a crossover. But what kind of crossover will it be? We’ve heard GM refer to the Bolt EV as a crossover, even as recently as today.

A crossover also makes sense because there is more room to store batteries. Battery technology is getting better, and the batteries themselves are getting smaller, but to hit these higher-mileage target, more batteries are always needed.

Mr. Fields also suggested that the vehicle would have wireless charging capability. Along with a high-speed charging network agreed to by many of the major automakers, electric vehicles are about to get a serious kick-to-the-pants upgrade.

The only question is, of course, is if the crossover in question will carry the name “Bronco”?

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