GMC Acadia Review

The GMC brand positions themselves as the “Professional Grade” alternative to Chevrolet. Even though they share a lot of the same types of vehicles with the General Motors cousins, GMC tends to do things a little bit better. The Acadia is a prime example of offering a mid-size SUV with a couple of nice extra touches, making it more professional.

The Acadia is noticeable by its exterior design, which includes LED taillights, wrap-around LED daytime running lights, and a large GMC grille on the front. The Acadia was one of the vehicles to set the current design language for GMC.

Available in optional all-wheel drive, the Acadia is great for any weather. The engine makes good power, while returning decent fuel economy in the mid-size crossover SUV category. The nice thing about driving a GMC is that you don’t have to baby the car to get good fuel economy. Of course, if you drive like crazy the fuel efficiency will suffer, but the window sticker mileage tends to be the mileage you get.

Inside, you get an interior swathed in leather, with a full color touch screen radio and integrated satellite navigation. While it might not look as modern as some of the vehicles out there, the infotainment system responds quickly to commands, and pairs quickly to a Bluetooth-enabled phone so you can make hands-free calls or listen to streaming audio.

When it comes to safety, the Acadia is available with blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic warning. There’s of course a rearview camera available, and there’s even a pre-collision system to help protect you in crash (or avoid one from happening). OnStar is also on board to make the emergency call if you are in an accident.

OnStar includes support for 4G LTE, which turns your Acadia into a hotspot. You can connect your laptop, mobile device, or tablet up and surf the internet while cruising down the highway. It’s a great feature for the mobile professional, or for someone who hauls their children around regularly.

The GMC Acadia is a premium upgrade over many of the midsize crossovers on the market, and one I think you should consider looking at if you’re in the market.

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