Guy drives Jeep Trackhawk, shares video online

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will be a monster when it hits the streets. A 707 horsepower SUV with all-wheel drive and all the create comforts of a modern luxury car means you can go very, very fast while staying cozy. It’ll be one of the fastest mom mobiles on the planet.

Recently, a kid shared a video of him driving the Trackhawk on YouTube. The video is of a right-hand drive prototype undergoing testing, and it’s unclear why he was allowed to drive it. It’s also unclear if the person responsible for the car was a direct FCA employee or a third-party person tasked with putting miles on the car. It’s highly unusual to let someone drive, and then share, video like this before an official embargo time has passed.

All of that being said, let’s look at the video itself. It sounds like every other Hellcat we’ve driven, which means it sounds awesome. The prominent supercharger whine is one of the reasons why we love the Hellcat cars so much, and it’s nice to report it’s still there in the cabin.

There are some commenters who are saying that the car is not the real deal. We had a chance to check out the car recently up close, while it was running (but couldn’t drive it) and everything seems to match the version we saw.

It’ll be a beast of a car when it goes on sale later this year, and could very well be the fastest-accelerating Hellcat-powered vehicle out in the real world. The all-wheel drive is unique to this Hellcat-powered vehicle, which should help with traction off-the-line. We can’t wait to drive it ourselves and report back to you with our impressions.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about the video in the comments section below!

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