What Happens if You Press the Ignition Button While Driving?

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Many new cars have a push button ignition switch. It’s part of the keyless entry system of the vehicle, and allows you to start the car without removing the key from your pocket. It’s all well-and-good, but what happens if you press the button while driving?

In this video we’re sharing, the person recording aims to find out. Now it should be noted that you really shouldn’t be doing this on public streets, but it is useful information to know, especially in an emergency.

Of course, if you just press the button once at speed nothing happens. This should be consistent across all manufacturers.

If you press the button three times rapidly, the ignition turns off. Many systems are set up that way.

In the case of this Ford, if you hold the button for 3 seconds it’ll also turn the ignition off. Again, many vehicles are set up this way.

Most vehicles are set up to work in both conditions since the driver, in a panic situation, probably won’t remember the exact procedure. Frantically pressing the button — 3 times — kills the ignition.

Again, this isn’t something you should try on a public road, but this is something you should know about. That’s why we’re sharing it with you, since the old-fashioned key is becoming less and less popular.

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