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Honda choosing Bring A Trailer to auction off the first Civic Type R is significant

Honda is auctioning off the first production — VIN #01 — for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation charity. Many automakers will auction off a hot new ride to benefit a charity, but where Honda is doing it is just as significant as the charity the proceeds go to.

Honda chose Bring A Trailer to host the auction. BaT is a site that often features rare or classic cars for people to bid on. This is the first new car the site has ever featured. Car enthusiasts around the world often check this site daily for some cool stuff.

I’d like to take a moment to applaud Honda for choosing this enthusiast-focused site to auction off their enthusiast-focused car. Lots of OEMs will go to big auction houses, like Barrett Jackson, to handle the logistics of the sale. While anyone can go to one of those events and bid on a car, it’s either an intimidating proposition or something a normal enthusiast can’t do.

Bring A Trailer opens the door to those enthusiasts who enjoy cars, and likely will spend their time driving this car, to view and bid on the ride. While it’ll surely go for more than the suggested retail of a normal Type R, Bring A Trailer democratizes the process for all enthusiasts.

The winner bidder is responsible for taxes and licensing, and 100% of the sale price goes to the charity. BaT is additionally donating their listing fee to the same charity, which is a nice additional touch.

Honda has worked with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation since 1991, and I think it’s great that they’re doing this for the new car.

The auction runs through June 15th. Remember to bid early and often!

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