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Honda’s Super Bowl Commercial Reminds Us of the Power of Dreams

Unless you literally live underneath a rock, you’ll know that the Super Bowl was this past Sunday and that the New England Patriots came back from a huge deficit to win in overtime. You probably also know about, or watched, many of the commercials that aired. It’s one of, if the the biggest night of the year for advertising, with companies spending millions of dollars for 30 and 60-second spots. Honda purchased on of those time slots last night, and it reminded us of Honda’s Power of Dreams.

While ultimately it was a commercial about the new CR-V, it really was a statement on how people achieve success. The ad cleverly used computer animation and some embarrassing year book photos to have certain famous people talk about how moving forward is essential in pursuing your dreams. If you want to do something in life, then do it. What’s holding you back?

While it might not have been a commercial that made you laugh hysterically, it was a motivational spot that reminds us all that really the only thing holding us back is ourselves. In this day and age, that’s an even more-important message.

It was one of our favorite commercials of the night, and we’re willing to bet it was on of yours, too.

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