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How To Watch the Faraday Future International CES Press Conference Live

One of the most anticipated announcements from this year’s International CES in Las Vegas is the introduction of the car from Faraday Future. There has been a lot of controversy around the company and the launch, but the company insists they’ll have a car ready in Vegas and will start taking deposits for their new vehicle that’s been labeled a “Tesla Killer.”

If you’re interested in watching the press conference unfold live, they’ll be streaming it live on their website on January 3rd, 2017. The website is https://www.ff.com.

The press conference will start at 6pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). It’s an invite-only reveal if you happen to be at the show, but the live stream should provide you with everything you need.

For those who don’t time zone well, that means it’s 9pm Eastern Standard Time or 02:00 GMT. Will you be watching?

Here’s a video of them drag racing a Tesla with their prototype vehicle;

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