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How to buy a used car


Buying a car is fun. Buying a used car is real fun. The thrill of the hunt. Chasing leads, digging through piles of mediocrity in online classifieds. In truth, spending many thousands of your hard-earned dollars on a used car is all kinds of stressful. Best case, you wind up …

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Do I Need to Prepare My Car for Winter?


The first major snowfall occurred over the past weekend for the midwest. People spent yesterday and today shoveling out so they can get to work. They prepared for the event by purchasing salt and snowblowers. Did they prepare their cars? Modern cars don’t need winterization the way older cars did. …

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How to Subscribe to the Podcast

Microphone and sound mixing equipment at television studio

Half the fun of Future Motoring is the amazing website, but the other half is the weekly audio podcast. You might be thinking, “How do I subscribe to the weekly podcast to get my fix?” Well, that’s what this post is designed to do. First off, all new episodes will …

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