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Introducing the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

(Editor’s Note: The initial press release sent under embargo had TBD listed under many of the performance numbers. In order to get you everything we know out as quickly as possible, we chose to run this story when the embargo lifted. We’ll be sure to update our main Demon page with the specifics as soon as we have them.)

Move over, Hellcat, there’s a whole new level of insane in the Challenger now. Dodge has just pulled the cover off the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. There is still a bit of mystery around this car, but what we do know is a bit mind boggling. If you thought it didn’t get any crazier than Hellcat, the folks over at SRT don’t agree. Hellcat Challenger and Charger are no longer the most powerful muscle cars ever.

Dodge is still tight lipped on important stats like 0 to 60 mph times, horsepower and torque. We do know that this car has a supercharged 6.2L HEMI v* engine. Production of the Challenger SRT Demon will be limited to 3000 units in the US, and 300 in Canada. Dodge also set some Guinness certified records, like the longest wheeling in a production car at 2.92 feet.

More Power

While numbers on the engine, speed and quarter mile times are still TDB, we do have some clues on the SRT Demon engine versus the 707hp Hellcat motor. Supercharger volume has been increased to 2.7 liters from the Hellcat’s 2.4 liters. Boost is up to an impressive 14.5 PSI from 11.6 psi, and revs climb an extra 300rpm to 6,500. Engineers have also increased the air induction to suck more from the three sources already on the Challenger Hellcat. Given the bumps in boost and volume, could this engine be north of 1,000 hp? It’s so powerful, apparently the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has banned it. Not before they certified the SRT Demon’s quarter mile time; setting a production car world record, official time not released.

Less Weight

We already know the SRT Demon is the first production car built to take 100+ octane fuel. It’s also the first to have front and rear passenger seat deletes. The seats can be optioned back into the car for a mere $1 USD each. In all, 200 pounds have been scrubbed from the SRT Demon. Dodge has also equipped the SRT Demon with street legal drag tires. Naturally, also a first on production cars.

Racing Technology

In an effort to combat heat, already aided by all those air inlets, Dodge has introduced something they call “SRT Power Chiller”. This nifty technology is designed to divert coolant from the air conditioning system to a chilling unit, via a secondary pump. Coolant for the SuperCharger passes first through a radiator, then flows through the chilling unit. For even more cooling, the SRT Demon keeps the engine cooling fan and Supercharger cooling system running. All this can be tracked from some custom apps on the 8.4” Uconnect screen.

A variety of structural, suspension and engine changes add strength and stiffness. Dodge has built the SRT Demon to be one heckova track car, but without sacrificing many of the standard Challenger’s road going manner. Multiple driving modes and keys change the car’s personality based on the situation. If you’re after power and speed, make sure to carry the red key. Everything is fully customizable from the Uconnect screen. It’ll also provide track specs, gauge read outs, temps and pressures.

Production of the Challenger SRT Demon is slated to start in summer 2017, with deliveries taking place the same fall. Pricing has not been released.

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