Jeep Wrangler sales up one unit over last year despite new vehicle coming

2017 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock

There’s a new Jeep Wrangler coming. While details are scant about the new off-roading sales success, we know there’ll eventually be a pickup truck version of the new vehicle. While details are indeed few, everyone seems to know a new one is coming. However, that hasn’t hurt sales in the slightest.

For the month of April, one of Jeep’s best-selling products had another solid month by pushing 18,841 Wranglers. For those who look at the chart closely, that’s one more unit than they sold last April. No, not one percent, but one actual unit.

So sales continue to remain strong even if the new product will soon be replaced in the marketplace. Could it be because people fear the changes that are coming and they want to make sure they get a current version while they still can? Or perhaps not as many people know about the new one?

People also just might not care. They want a Jeep and they want it now.

For whatever the reason, Jeep’s sales remain strong and a shining light in a cooling automotive marketplace.

Chad Kirchner
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