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Latest SRT Demon Teaser Video Features Drag Radials and a Puzzle


Last week, on schedule, Dodge released the next video in the installment of teaser videos leading up to the reveal of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the New York Auto Show later this spring. In this video, we learn about the car’s tires, and are also left with a bit of a puzzler.

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The video shows a burnout with some super-sticky tires. According to Dodge’s press release, those sticky tires are 18 x 11-inch wheels and “Demon Branded” 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R tires front and rear. According to Dodge, they’re the first production car to have drag radials from the factory.


Interestingly, there isn’t a staggered wheel and tire setup on the car. Could this be an indication that the will be all-wheel drive after all? Who knows?


Finally, you’ll notice at the end of the video it shows the rear of the Demon and there’s a special Michigan license plate on the car. The plate number is “#[email protected]”. What could that mean? We asked Dodge since we were with them for the Challenger GT program. Dodge spokesperson Kristin Starnes grinned and just replied, “If you know, you know.” That is, of course, their tagline for this product.

We’ll know more later this week!

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