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Lincoln MKS Review

The Lincoln MKS is a full-size luxury sedan from the luxury arm of the Ford Motor Company. As you’d expect from a flagship product, you get a lot of creature comforts and amenities, all wrapped up into a package that’s less expensive than the German counterparts.

The MKS is built atop of Ford’s Taurus platform, so you have tons of rear seat space for passengers, and an enormous truck to swallow all of their luggage. Leather is abound everywhere in the cabin, and the front seats are heated and cooled. But, if heated and cooled front seats aren’t enough for you, they can be equipped with a massaging function as well. You haven’t lived until you’ve driven a car with massaging seats!

Premium luxury features also include multi-zone climate control, MyFord Touch with satellite navigation, and a whole slew of safety features. They include rear inflatable seat belts, blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control with pre-collision mitigation, and more.

I love using Lincoln’s adaptive cruise control, and I’d spend the extra money on it if you are someone who does a lot of driving on the highway.

Several engines power the MKS, but if you want to really scream you want the 3.5L EcoBoost with the all-wheel drive. Comparable to the Ford Taurus SHO in performance, the EcoBoost MKS will get you everywhere you need to go, and it’ll get you there quite quickly.

Some unique features to the MKS include the directional HID headlights, full LED auxiliary lighting, and Lincoln’s Continuously Controlled Dampers (CCD). The CCD units monitor road conditions every few milliseconds and adjust the suspension for the best ride and handling comfort. That technology isn’t available on any Ford, for any price.

If you’re looking for a luxury car that includes American reliability with a badge that has some American prestige to it, the Lincoln MKS is a car you should seriously look at.

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Written by Chad Kirchner

Chad Kirchner is the Editor-in-Chief of Future Motoring, along with the main host and producer of the Future Motoring podcast. In addition to his work here, he's a freelance automotive journalist for outlets around the world.

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