Lincoln MKT Review

So, you’re interested in driving the hearse of full-size cars? Well, the Lincoln MKT just might be the right vehicle for you! Actually, if you’re looking for a full-size car with a bit more space, the MKT fits the bill in a way many other cars do not.

I do tease the MKT about being a hearse, but if you check with a lot of funeral homes in your area, you’ll notice that the MKT is often used for carrying people on their last ride. That’s because they are easily converted to serve that function, and there are tons of convertors across the country.

Also, you’ll see MKTs used by Uber and other limo services. Again, if you want a lot of rear seat space with good ease of access, the Lincoln MKT is a good vehicle for that purpose.

Beyond that, the MKT is very much like the MKS. That means you get all of Lincoln’s luxury features on board, including heated and cooled seats, MyFord Touch navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, and a powerfull engine to haul you around.

Fuel economy on the MKT isn’t the greatest, since it is a heavy car, but it’s also not bad. It has plenty of power and performance on tap when you get a lead foot, or need to merge with traffic.

Also, all of Lincoln’s safety features are available, including blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, pre-collision mitigation with adaptive cruise control, and more. You just happen to have all of that with the extra space that the MKT can only offer.

Also, since it has MyFord Touch, if you are in an accident it’ll use your paired Bluetooth phone to call 911 for you. Unlike GM’s OnStar, this is free and no subscription is required.

If you need a good sized, non-SUV luxury vehicle, you should check the MKT out!

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